Ekocopter + Luna Hydrogen: The Future Of Precision Farming That Cuts Costs Up To 70%

Our revolutionary hybrid-battery UAV drone delivers pesticides and fertilizer on autopilot with unmatched precision, making agribusiness easier, more cost efficient, and higher yield than ever before.

A Long Awaited Upgrade For Crop Sprayers Is Finally Here

The agribusiness sector has seen many advances in pesticide and fertilizer drone technology, but not without its fair share of issues for farmers.

While drones can be helpful in delivering these essential pesticides and fertilizers, they can also cause more harm than good when operated incorrectly.

Additionally, the power usage usually requires daily charging, which both prolongs the time needed to spray crops and uses excess energy, resulting in costly operations.

Not to mention the learning curve involved with piloting drones, potentially leading to overspraying, underspraying, or even accidents and damage to the pricey drone equipment.

So what’s the solution to these problems that those in the agribusiness have been searching for the past decade? Introducing Ekocopter and LUNA Hydrogen by Accomac Technologies.

The Cleaner, Greener, And Easier Future Of Agribusiness

Ekocopter is the first hybrid-battery UAV sprayer built by an American company for American farmers.

It’s not only more affordable, but easier to operate, greener, and delivers precision amounts of pesticides and fertilizers to increase crop yield while reducing overspray, nitrate leaching, and soil erosion.

Ekocopter is able to do this with its 2 revolutionary enhancements:

The combination of these two advancements leads to an easier, greener, more cost effective, and higher yield solution that will revolutionize agribusiness for millions of farmers across the country.

Using the Ekocopter can even improve water quality, reduce 35kg of CO2 emissions per use, and even make you eligible for a wide range of tax credits and incentives for greener growing.

New To Drone Technology? Here’s Why You Should Get Started

In recent years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drones have transformed the agricultural landscape, providing farmers with innovative solutions to enhance crop yields, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

1. Yield Maximization in Vineyards

Located in the heart of Napa Valley, California, the Johnson Vineyard faced the constant challenge of ensuring grapevine health and optimal yield. Traditionally, pesticide application was a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. The Johnson family adopted UAV drones to spray precise amounts of pesticides at the right time, eliminating human error and achieving astounding results.


2. Sustainable Farming in the Heartland

A family-owned corn and soybean farm in Iowa was determined to reduce its carbon footprint while maintaining high productivity. By implementing UAV drones for fertilizer delivery, they revolutionized their operations, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.


3. Precision Farming in European Wheat Fields

In the rolling wheat fields of France, the Dupont family had struggled with inconsistent crop quality and yield. The answer to their challenge was UAV drones equipped with advanced imaging and sensor technology. The drones allowed for precision spraying of fertilizers, ensuring every inch of the field received the nutrients it needed.


Unmatched Precision Meets Ultimate Affordability

You may be thinking that such a state of the art advancement in agribusiness technology will cost upwards of $15,000, but Accomac has a special offer for the first 500 growers who find this page as we launch this new endeavor.

If you act right now, you can get Ekocopter + Luna Hydrogen for a combined price of just $6,750 (standard price for this package will become $13,500 after the first 500 growers secure this introductory offer).

With this highly affordable offer, you can quickly take advantage of all of the benefits of this highly advanced autonomous UAV upon deployment at your farm or facility, including:

We are proud to announce that Ekocopter is now available for pre-order reservations. To secure your Ekocopter + LUNA Hydrogen package, just pay a $250 reservation fee using the button below.

$13,500 $6,750 USD

Lock In And Reserve For $250

Disclaimer: This price is locked in for a limited time but may be subject to change as we face supply chain issues amidst the growing conflict in the middle east. Inquire today to lock in your order with a small reservation payment of just $250 as this will guarantee your order and reduce any risk of delayed delivery times or increased product pricing. Orders begin shipping November 1st. Ekocopter is pending approval from the FAA.

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